When you get your Exer-Genie moss wrestling unit you’ll find that it has your most wrestling bar your return handle the Exer-Genie itself and your anchor strap. When you use this anchor straps you place it around your secure support you take the snap clip put it through the side of the head of the unit make sure that you snap clip it through the head of the unit not on the strap itself that lets the unit flop around so you want to make sure that you take it off snap clip it through the head of the unit and you’re ready to go.

Okay so once you have the Exer-Genie set you have your strongman moss wrestling bar set and you have your control line set. Set your feet set your body reach forward grab the training handle grab your control line loop your control line around so that you can control the distance that you’re going to move the moss wrestling handle add some pressure to the trail line and do your moss wrestling and as you’re pulling if you want to have a little bit of feel like you’re pulling the guy over that control line you can move right through that range of motion reset and then do it again